Priceless Unlimited renewable Energy (P.U.R.E.).

Our services

We do what we do for the love of it...


Our professional team will prepare the ideal solution for you, whether you have a household in Bratislava or a small village in Kenya. We will design the whole project from scratch, customising it to meet even the most demanding requirements…


Installation has never been easier, when you have a hand full of skilled workers at your disposal. We are capable to install even in the harshest environment’s, whether we are exposed to snow, sand or hard to access urban areas..


Whether you already have a power plant or just finished one, we will go through all bureaucracy for you, so you have your power plant up and running in no time!


Our solutions meet the highest standards worldwide. When we finish a power plant, we prefer to leave it behind as maintenance free as possible. However if a problem occurs, our 24h support line and technicians ready to fly anywhere across the globe will ensure your 100% satisfaction.

Our marketing policy

Selected individuals or companies abroad are granted provision in case they are engaged in a PV project in their country. We offer one year Royalty certificates. The certificates are strictly limited to one year, unless the turnover is approved by P.U.R.E., s.r.o.