Priceless Unlimited renewable Energy (P.U.R.E.).

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Harvesting energy from a star, thanks to modern and reliable technology, a star that has 99,98% of the mass of our entire solar system is our joy, mission, passion and feeling of greater freedom altogether.

  • By capturing solar photons in photovoltaic fields and by their transformation to alternate current, we are producing pure electricity for all of our customers.
  • By capturing solar photons in photovoltaic panels, we are able to recharge electric cars, which don´t produce C02, they are silent and their maintenance is unbelievably economic.
  • By smartly combining solar and fossil energy, we enable industrialisation of even the most remote areas, whilst being completely independent from other grid systems.
  • In third world countries, in harsh environment, we are disinfecting water in schools, thanks to solar energy. Some people are also now using fridges, lights or are charging their phones where it was previously not possible, thanks to the same technology.

Isn't it truly amazing and spectacular? isn´t just work, but joy, a hobby and strong passion altogether!

Ing. Dušan Sirotka, director

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